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like a masterpiece filled with happiness.

Super Tiramisu Dessert

Gluten-free creation in delightful dessert form! Each scoop is a burst of flavorful pleasure. Tiramisu Dessert Tray made of rice flour and cornstarch sponge cake soaked in coffee, yolk-free mascarpone sweetened with honey, and an extra-licious chocolate ganache with a dusting of dark chocolate powder that melts on your tongue. Stock this luscious creation in your freezer and get the moist texture you'd keep wanting more, anytime.

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Lunar Chocolate Pudding

A public secret, go-to dessert to complement your majestic celebrations. Scrumptious chocolate heaven with a tempting layer of slightly bittersweet chocolate pudding with a generous serving of dark chocolate ganache. Packed in stunning chocolate shaving, glazed strawberries, and gold flakes on top. Enjoy the New Year with a small token of comforting dessert and appreciation with your loved ones.

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Dark Chocolate Pudding

Like a grandmother’s homemade cooking, this humble dessert is just so comforting. From the slightly bitter chocolate pudding, to the sweet vanilla sauce, and of course, the pieces of chocolate shavings decorated on top—everything just warms the heart. Give this Chocolate Pudding to your closest ones, as a small token of appreciation and love.

Rp 228,000.00 228000.0 IDR