Crafted carefully with selected ingredients and refined recipes,
these unique cakes are made like a masterpiece filled with happiness.

Tres Leches Red Berry

A tantalizing twist on the classic moist Tres Leches sponge cake. This delectable treat features layers of creamy goodness, complemented by fresh strawberry jam with honey. Topped with succulent strawberries, blueberries, zesty lemon zest, and a hint of thyme! Bursting with freshness and an irresistible combination of flavors, this creation is the epitome of absolute scrumptiousness.

Rp 595,000.000 595000.0 IDR
Tres Leches Matcha

A well-crafted soft sponge cake bathed in three kinds of milk, infused with fragrant matcha powder, and complemented with airy whipped cream that melts in your mouth. Every bite will captivate your senses with authentic matcha flavors and delicate sweetness. Savor the exquisite taste of Tres Leches Matcha for any special occasion or as an irresistible and comforting treat.

Rp 460,000.000 460000.0 IDR
Tres Leches

As the name suggests, Tres Leches (or "three milks" in Spanish) is made from sponge cake bathed in three kinds of milk—to make it moist and oozing with milky sweetness every time you bite. Featuring a generous layer of whipped cream with slices of strawberries and grapes on top, this divine cake will float you to the seventh sky.

Rp 475,000.000 475000.0 IDR
Thin Mints

It's no secret that mint pairs so well with chocolate, making the Thin Mints an all-time favorite to many. But don't mistake ours with the others! The Thin Mints from Ann's Bakehouse & Creamery are so rich in chocolate, with a mint choco cookie coated with thick choco mint frosting on the outside. The intense chocolate taste is met with an equally strong mint flavor, and together, they bring a party to your mouth! Or if you feel like laying low, you could pair it with a hot glass of milk while curling up in your bed, watching your favorite TV show. Comfy.

Rp 235,000.000 235000.0 IDR
Super Tiramisu Dessert

Gluten-free creation in delightful dessert form! Each scoop is a burst of flavorful pleasure. Tiramisu Dessert Tray made of rice flour and cornstarch sponge cake soaked in coffee, yolk-free mascarpone sweetened with honey, and an extra-licious chocolate ganache with a dusting of dark chocolate powder that melts on your tongue. Stock this luscious creation in your freezer and get the moist texture you'd keep wanting more, anytime.

Rp 265,000.000 265000.0 IDR
Super Tiramisu

This Super Tiramisu Cake is definitely a must-try, especially for coffee lovers! We recreate this famous Italian dessert using super ingredients: a sponge cake made from rice flour and cornstarch, mascarpone cream sweetened with honey, a dark chocolate topping that melts on your tongue, and absolutely no alcohol. To give it a great overall coffee balance, we soak this gluten-free sponge cake in coffee and honey, creating a beautiful, moist texture and a bittersweet aftertaste you just can't get enough of.

Rp 680,000.000 680000.0 IDR
Super Quiche

This guilt-free delight features almond crust, smoked beef bursting with flavor, and shiitake mushroom, all baked in a rich blend of cream and cheese. Indulge in this satisfying and wholesome treat, packed with nutrition and protein. Your top choice for mindful indulgence!

Rp 585,000.000 585000.0 IDR
Super Nemesis

Another treat for the chocolate lover! Super Nemesis is a gluten-free creation that features dense chocolate cake made from almond flour, eggs, and chocolate, with heavy sprinkles of cocoa powder on top. Lightly sweetened with honey, Super Nemesis is as flavorsome as it could be. A kind of dessert you'd love to enjoy anywhere, anytime.

Rp 720,000.000 720000.0 IDR
Super Carrot

Elevate your keto routine with Super Carrot Cake! This Gluten-free carrot cake are made with almond flour, shredded carrot, and a luscious cream cheese layer on top for extra tastiness. Enjoy this gluten-free carrot cake delight.

Rp 750,000.000 750000.0 IDR
Super Banana

Made from banana, dark chocolate, sorghum flour, and palm sugar, our Super Banana cake is as yummy as it could be. A special treat with a nice banana scent and a sweet coconut milk chocolate ganache that envelops its tender and moist texture. Even better, this dairy-free and gluten-free cake also uses no egg, making it very much vegan-friendly!

Rp 505,000.000 505000.0 IDR
Snow Drops

Another popular Indonesian holiday snack, these cookies are known for their "snowy" look and sweet taste that comes from the dusted fine icing sugar. Bite into our Snow Drops cookies and find the soft, crumbly texture that quickly melts on your tongue and captures your heart! Baked into perfection, these special cookies are so addictive and impossible to move on from.

Rp 245,000.000 245000.0 IDR
Sagoo Cheese

This popular snack made from cornstarch, crumbles and dissolves in your mouth once eaten, leaving the baked grated cheddar that gives a nice little crunchiness. An Indonesian culinary experience you need to try at least once. Sago Cheese is a must-have in your living room, especially during the holiday season!

Rp 230,000.000 230000.0 IDR
Sacher Torte

Dense. Intense. Dive into a luxurious ocean of chocolate inside this elegant Sacher Torte cake. Not only it's aesthetically pleasing, but this iconic Austrian dessert is also oh-so-scrumptious! Triple-layer chocolate sponge cake and tempting dark chocolate ganache, with a beautiful glaze that seals in moisture and flavor so perfectly… Honestly, need we say more?

Rp 805,000.000 805000.0 IDR
Quiche Spinach

To anyone who says spinach can't be tasty, we dare you to try Quiche Spinach from Ann's Bakehouse & Creamery. Though it's made from absolutely no meat product, this quiche will give you a flavorful experience that makes it a tough competition to beat! Every bite falls apart so beautifully in your mouth, revealing a scrumptious concoction of creamy egg and sauteed spinach, topped off with a nice buttery aroma from a pie crust so tender it sends your senses reeling.

Rp 445,000.000 445000.0 IDR
Quiche Smoked Beef

Beloved by food enthusiasts all around the globe. Featuring a mouthwatering combination of creamy egg mixture and generous smoked beef filling inside a baked pie crust, our Quiche Smoked Beef will surely take you on a tasty journey down the sensory lane.

Rp 500,000.000 500000.0 IDR
Quiche Lorraine Truffle

Ann's Bakehouse & Creamery's version of Quiche Lorraine Truffle has a twist of smoked beef, spinach, aged cheese, and truffle cream. Rich in flavor and aroma, just one look and you'll find yourself falling for its mouth-watering visual and subtle scent of truffle. Please ensure to reheat before eating to enjoy the bursting flavor of all the ingredients inside.

Rp 500,000.000 500000.0 IDR
Quiche AIO (All In One)

Too late for breakfast, yet too early for a full-course lunch? Why don't you treat yourself to a delicious brunch with this beautiful Quiche All-In-One? Meet all our favorite quiche fillings—smoked beef, spinach, and chicken—stuffed in one fabulous creation. Now, you're ready to get back on track and save the day!

Rp 435,000.000 435000.0 IDR
New York Cheesecake

Remember that one episode of Friends, where Rachel and Chandler fought each other for the last piece of cheese cake that spilled all over the floor? After giving this classic New York dessert a try, you’ll probably do the same! Known for its dense and rich texture, this special cheesecake is so appetizing it will keep you coming for more. We baked it using our very own recipe to recreate the authentic taste of this famous dessert, with a special Ann’s signature crust that improves its moistness. This New York Cheesecake is truly worth fighting for!

Rp 595,000.000 595000.0 IDR
Mocca Nougat

Discover the delightful surprise within our seemingly modest Mocca Nougat cake! Concealed beneath the nougat coating, two layers of exquisite coffee sponge cake await, generously layered with aromatic mocha mousse to captivate your taste buds. Crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, this nostalgic delicacy will leave you munching round the clock!

Perfect for family celebrations, birthdays, holidays, or any day at all, our Mocca cake promises a delightful journey through flavors and textures. Indulge in this family treat that combines the richness of mocca with the timeless appeal of nougat.

Rp 495,000.000 495000.0 IDR
Mille Feuille

Said to be one of the most difficult desserts to make, Mille Feuille easily steals attention with its pretty glaze of sugar topping, buttery scent, creamy vanilla custard, and "a thousand layers" of flaky puff pastry. Best for those with a sweet tooth, this buttery-scented dish will strike you with a strong sugary taste that lingers on. With a cup of tea on the side, our Mille Feuille brings France so close, just a nibble away.

Notes: Mille Feuille will be served in 4x4 cm cuts

Rp 505,000.000 505000.0 IDR