Crafted carefully with selected ingredients and refined recipes,
these unique cakes are made like a masterpiece filled with happiness.

Thin Mints

It's no secret that mint pairs so well with chocolate, making the Thin Mints an all-time favorite to many. But don't mistake ours with the others! The Thin Mints from Ann's Bakehouse & Creamery are so rich in chocolate, with a mint choco cookie coated with thick choco mint frosting on the outside. The intense chocolate taste is met with an equally strong mint flavor, and together, they bring a party to your mouth! Or if you feel like laying low, you could pair it with a hot glass of milk while curling up in your bed, watching your favorite TV show. Comfy.

Rp 235,000.00 235000.0 IDR
Snow Drops

Another popular Indonesian holiday snack, these cookies are known for their "snowy" look and sweet taste that comes from the dusted fine icing sugar. Bite into our Snow Drops cookies and find the soft, crumbly texture that quickly melts on your tongue and captures your heart! Baked into perfection, these special cookies are so addictive and impossible to move on from.

Rp 245,000.00 245000.0 IDR
Sagoo Cheese

This popular snack made from cornstarch, crumbles and dissolves in your mouth once eaten, leaving the baked grated cheddar that gives a nice little crunchiness. An Indonesian culinary experience you need to try at least once. Sago Cheese is a must-have in your living room, especially during the holiday season!

Rp 230,000.00 230000.0 IDR

In every piece, lies a fantastic cheese experience, waiting to be found. Yup, this cheesy Kaastengel crumbles like no other, with a texture so rich from the baked grated cheese. Leaving behind a strong Edam aftertaste, our Kaastengel cookies is so popular. A favorite among cheese lovers, these are classic Indonesian cheese stick cookies.

Rp 295,000.00 295000.0 IDR
Coffee Bar

Discover the Netizanns' favorite Coffee Bar, an original creation from Ann's Bakehouse & Creamery. This coffee cookie combines the perfect duo of coffee and white chocolate, delighting both coffee enthusiasts and non-coffee lovers alike. One-of-a-kind and gaining loyal fans, it's a must-try in the world of coffee cookies!

Rp 235,000.00 235000.0 IDR
Coco Cookies

Inspired by our very own Coco Cake, the tiny but mighty Coco Cookies are born. Made with the same love for chocolate, these cookies are so light yet strong in chocolate flavor, making them hard to resist! Add this chocolate biscuit to your holiday cookie collections to treat your guests at home (or yourself, of course!)

Rp 230,000.00 230000.0 IDR
Butter Crunch

Have you met these Butter Crunch from Ann's Bakehouse & Creamery? If you haven't, well, be prepared to put it on the list of your new favorite cookies! Striking a familiar taste like a butter cookie from your childhood, but with a softer, more crumbly texture, these sweet and salty cookies are so good that you just don't want to share them with anyone. A kind of snack you'd love to stock up in your room for a midnight cookie emergency!

Rp 230,000.00 230000.0 IDR