Crafted carefully with selected ingredients and refined recipes,
these unique cakes are made like a masterpiece filled with happiness.

Super Tiramisu

This Super Tiramisu Cake is definitely a must-try, especially for coffee lovers! We recreate this famous Italian dessert using super ingredients: a sponge cake made from rice flour and cornstarch, mascarpone cream sweetened with honey, a dark chocolate topping that melts on your tongue, and absolutely no alcohol. To give it a great overall coffee balance, we soak this gluten-free sponge cake in coffee and honey, creating a beautiful, moist texture and a bittersweet aftertaste you just can't get enough of.

Rp 680,000.00 680000.0 IDR
Super Quiche

This guilt-free delight features almond crust, smoked beef bursting with flavor, and shiitake mushroom, all baked in a rich blend of cream and cheese. Indulge in this satisfying and wholesome treat, packed with nutrition and protein. Your top choice for mindful indulgence!

Rp 585,000.00 585000.0 IDR
Super Nemesis

Another treat for the chocolate lover! Super Nemesis is a gluten-free creation that features dense chocolate cake made from almond flour, eggs, and chocolate, with heavy sprinkles of cocoa powder on top. Lightly sweetened with honey, Super Nemesis is as flavorsome as it could be. A kind of dessert you'd love to enjoy anywhere, anytime.

Rp 720,000.00 720000.0 IDR
Super Carrot

Elevate your keto routine with Super Carrot Cake! This Gluten-free carrot cake are made with almond flour, shredded carrot, and a luscious cream cheese layer on top for extra tastiness. Enjoy this gluten-free carrot cake delight.

Rp 750,000.00 750000.0 IDR
Super Banana

Made from banana, dark chocolate, sorghum flour, and palm sugar, our Super Banana cake is as yummy as it could be. A special treat with a nice banana scent and a sweet coconut milk chocolate ganache that envelops its tender and moist texture. Even better, this dairy-free and gluten-free cake also uses no egg, making it very much vegan-friendly!

Rp 505,000.00 505000.0 IDR