Crafted carefully with selected ingredients and refined recipes,
these unique cakes are made like a masterpiece filled with happiness.

Super Quiche

This guilt-free delight features almond crust, smoked beef bursting with flavor, and shiitake mushroom, all baked in a rich blend of cream and cheese. Indulge in this satisfying and wholesome treat, packed with nutrition and protein. Your top choice for mindful indulgence!

Rp 585,000.00 585000.0 IDR
Quiche Spinach

To anyone who says spinach can't be tasty, we dare you to try Quiche Spinach from Ann's Bakehouse & Creamery. Though it's made from absolutely no meat product, this quiche will give you a flavorful experience that makes it a tough competition to beat! Every bite falls apart so beautifully in your mouth, revealing a scrumptious concoction of creamy egg and sauteed spinach, topped off with a nice buttery aroma from a pie crust so tender it sends your senses reeling.

Rp 445,000.00 445000.0 IDR
Quiche Smoked Beef

Beloved by food enthusiasts all around the globe. Featuring a mouthwatering combination of creamy egg mixture and generous smoked beef filling inside a baked pie crust, our Quiche Smoked Beef will surely take you on a tasty journey down the sensory lane.

Rp 500,000.00 500000.0 IDR
Quiche Lorraine Truffle

Ann's Bakehouse & Creamery's version of Quiche Lorraine Truffle has a twist of smoked beef, spinach, aged cheese, and truffle cream. Rich in flavor and aroma, just one look and you'll find yourself falling for its mouth-watering visual and subtle scent of truffle. Please ensure to reheat before eating to enjoy the bursting flavor of all the ingredients inside.

Rp 500,000.00 500000.0 IDR
Quiche AIO (All In One)

Too late for breakfast, yet too early for a full-course lunch? Why don't you treat yourself to a delicious brunch with this beautiful Quiche All-In-One? Meet all our favorite quiche fillings—smoked beef, spinach, and chicken—stuffed in one fabulous creation. Now, you're ready to get back on track and save the day!

Rp 435,000.00 435000.0 IDR