Crafted carefully with selected ingredients and refined recipes,
these unique cakes are made like a masterpiece filled with happiness.

Tres Leches Red Berry

A tantalizing twist on the classic moist Tres Leches sponge cake. This delectable treat features layers of creamy goodness, complemented by fresh strawberry jam with honey. Topped with succulent strawberries, blueberries, zesty lemon zest, and a hint of thyme! Bursting with freshness and an irresistible combination of flavors, this creation is the epitome of absolute scrumptiousness.

Rp 595,000.000 595000.0 IDR
Tres Leches Matcha

A well-crafted soft sponge cake bathed in three kinds of milk, infused with fragrant matcha powder, and complemented with airy whipped cream that melts in your mouth. Every bite will captivate your senses with authentic matcha flavors and delicate sweetness. Savor the exquisite taste of Tres Leches Matcha for any special occasion or as an irresistible and comforting treat.

Rp 460,000.000 460000.0 IDR
Tres Leches

As the name suggests, Tres Leches (or "three milks" in Spanish) is made from sponge cake bathed in three kinds of milk—to make it moist and oozing with milky sweetness every time you bite. Featuring a generous layer of whipped cream with slices of strawberries and grapes on top, this divine cake will float you to the seventh sky.

Rp 475,000.000 475000.0 IDR
Sacher Torte

Dense. Intense. Dive into a luxurious ocean of chocolate inside this elegant Sacher Torte cake. Not only it's aesthetically pleasing, but this iconic Austrian dessert is also oh-so-scrumptious! Triple-layer chocolate sponge cake and tempting dark chocolate ganache, with a beautiful glaze that seals in moisture and flavor so perfectly… Honestly, need we say more?

Rp 805,000.000 805000.0 IDR
New York Cheesecake

Remember that one episode of Friends, where Rachel and Chandler fought each other for the last piece of cheese cake that spilled all over the floor? After giving this classic New York dessert a try, you’ll probably do the same! Known for its dense and rich texture, this special cheesecake is so appetizing it will keep you coming for more. We baked it using our very own recipe to recreate the authentic taste of this famous dessert, with a special Ann’s signature crust that improves its moistness. This New York Cheesecake is truly worth fighting for!

Rp 595,000.000 595000.0 IDR
Mocca Nougat

Discover the delightful surprise within our seemingly modest Mocca Nougat cake! Concealed beneath the nougat coating, two layers of exquisite coffee sponge cake await, generously layered with aromatic mocha mousse to captivate your taste buds. Crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, this nostalgic delicacy will leave you munching round the clock!

Perfect for family celebrations, birthdays, holidays, or any day at all, our Mocca cake promises a delightful journey through flavors and textures. Indulge in this family treat that combines the richness of mocca with the timeless appeal of nougat.

Rp 495,000.000 495000.0 IDR
Mille Feuille

Said to be one of the most difficult desserts to make, Mille Feuille easily steals attention with its pretty glaze of sugar topping, buttery scent, creamy vanilla custard, and "a thousand layers" of flaky puff pastry. Best for those with a sweet tooth, this buttery-scented dish will strike you with a strong sugary taste that lingers on. With a cup of tea on the side, our Mille Feuille brings France so close, just a nibble away.

Notes: Mille Feuille will be served in 4x4 cm cuts

Rp 505,000.000 505000.0 IDR
Lapis Legit

Layers of gold and sweet scent of cinnamon instantly spark up a flavorful recollection, as if you could taste this cake in your tongue already. It’s tender, it’s sweet, also a little bit savory, with a familiar dense texture that pampers your taste buds. A well-known Indonesian culinary legacy, Lapis Legit is perfect to serve at your family gathering or celebration.

N.B. Lapis Legit is one of #Anns1ndonesia's selected products. Cake wording will be separated and not written or pasted directly on the cake.

Rp 485,000.000 485000.0 IDR
Key Lime Pie Special

Indulge in the tangy delight of Ann's Bakehouse & Creamery's Key Lime Pie Special. Enhanced with special decorations, including slices of kiwi fruit, it offers a refreshing experience perfect for a hot day. Enjoy the sweet and tangy flavors blended in every bite, coupled with Ann's moist signature crust. It's a perfect dessert to beat the heat. Experience the essence of Fruit tart pie in every slice.

Rp 465,000.000 465000.0 IDR
Honey Cake

More than just a tasty treat, our signature Honey Cake is a true culinary delight! Bringing together creamy-milk caramel and honey in one bite, this sweet delicacy creates a spark of taste that keeps on giving. Yes, Honey Cake gets better every day, with day 5-10 being its prime time window (that is, of course, if it's not already finished by then!) 


1. Honey Cake is one of #Anns1ndonesia's

2. Cake wording will be separated and will not be written or pasted directly on the cake.

Rp 465,000.000 465000.0 IDR
German Black Forest

A true culinary legacy, the Black Forest has secured its place as the number one go-to birthday cake for many. Preserving its rustic look and the mandatory cherry on top, our German Black Forest offers you all the best features of this traditional German cake, but with a totally alcohol-free recipe! Relive your childhood birthday party memories while munching on this chocolate artwork and chunks of cherries inside.

Rp 560,000.000 560000.0 IDR
Coco Cake

Calling all chocolate lovers in town! We present to you our special Coco Cake to satisfy your choco-craving any day of the week. Made from a moist chocolate sponge cake, layered with rich chocolate buttercream, and garnished generously with chocolate shavings on top. A rich chocolate dessert to enjoy with a coffee on the side, or as a birthday cake to surprise your beloved.

Rp 505,000.000 505000.0 IDR
Chocolate Salted Caramel Tart

Rich dessert with bursts of flavor! Combining the salty-sweet caramel, chocolate ganache, and Ann’s signature black pie tart; creating complimenting taste that seals so perfectly. Every bite of this Chocolate Salted Caramel Tart is both unique and pleasantly addictive.

Rp 470,000.000 470000.0 IDR
Chocolate Salted Caramel Fudge

Our signature Chocolate Salted Caramel Fudge has much more to offer than just a pretty look; it’s both rich in taste as well as texture. The salty-sweet taste from salted caramel is complemented with dark chocolate sponge cake that gives it a really nice counterbalance. As if it’s not enough, this beautiful fudge cake is also layered with buttery cream cheese, adding more to its already above-par tastiness.

Rp 680,000.000 680000.0 IDR
Cheese Mille Feuille

Originated from France, the sweet Mille Feuille is known for its "thousand layers" of flaky puff pastry, sugar glazed on top, and layers of creamy vanilla custard inside. Twisting the original sugar topping with cream cheese, our signature Cheese Mille Feuille is created, with a nice balance of sweetness and a distinct taste.

Notes: Cheese Mille Feuille will be served in 4x4 cm cuts

Rp 505,000.000 505000.0 IDR
Carrot Cake

Sugar, spice, and everything nice; a single bite of our Carrot Cake will never suffice! This classic creation is sweet, with a slight hint of cinnamon, that is surprisingly suitable for all kinds of palate. Enjoy digging into this firm yet tender sponge carrot cake, topped with tasty cream cheese frosting that melts on your tongue. Everything will lead you to an absolute conclusion: carrots never tasted better!

Rp 565,000.000 565000.0 IDR
Apple Mille Feuille

Brings you another creation from Mille Feuille’s original recipe. “A thousand layers” of special creme patisserie with a generous amount of apple filling that exudes a nice cinnamon scent. Dusted with sugar and cinnamon powder that easily makes this apple cake enjoyable and light and makes you crave more.

Notes: Apple Mille Feuille will be served in 4x4 cm cuts

Rp 435,000.000 435000.0 IDR
Chocolate Salted Caramel Fudge Ann's X Raine - Round 10 cm

A luscious collaboration with Raine Beauty.

Inspired by the new shades of Raine Beauty's Lip Velvet Hydrating Balm, Ann's Bakehouse & Creamery proudly presents Chocolate Salted Caramel Fudge in petite size. A sweet and delightful creation to complete your self-love rituals.

We hope you enjoy this extraordinary creation as much as we love crafting it for you.

Notes: Free Lip Velvet Hydrating Balm - Raine Beauty

Rp 160,000.000 160000.0 IDR
Honey Cake Premium Packaging

More than a delightful treat, our signature Honey Cake is a culinary masterpiece! Featuring creamy-milk caramel and honey in every bite, this sweet delicacy ignites a burst of flavor that lingers. Experience the joy of Honey Cake—it only gets better with time, reaching its peak between days 5-10 (if it lasts that long!). And worry not about out-of-town shipment with our premium packaging. We always pay extra attention to ensure your cake arrives safely. Discover why #Anns1ndonesia's Honey Cake is a must-try! 


1. Honey Cake is one of #Anns1ndonesia's 

2. The Cake wording or text on the cake will be separated and will not be written or directly affixed onto the cake.

Rp 525,000.000 525000.0 IDR