Crafted carefully with selected ingredients and refined recipes,
these unique cakes are made like a masterpiece filled with happiness.

Honey Cake - 10th Annsversary

Ann's took on an ambitious journey, experimenting with Indonesian honey to craft a cake with a distinct local twist. In the trial process, each cake given rest for 5-10 days to allow the honey and dulce de leche to fully infuse into the sponge, creating a chewy, flavorful delight.

Rp 155,000 155000 IDR
Chocolate Salted Caramel Fudge - 10th Annsversary

Inspired to complete the chocolate collection with a tall layer cake, our Product Innovation team created a masterpiece that delicately balances iconic sponge, cream cheese frosting, and salted caramel.

Rp 200,000 200000 IDR
Super Banana - 10th Annsversary

In 2018, our R&D team in Bali embarked on an exciting journey to develop "Super Creations," designed for those with special dietary needs. Enter the Super Banana cake: gluten-free, plant-based, and utterly delicious.

Rp 155,000 155000 IDR
Key Lime Pie Special - 10th Annsversary

Began with a simple request from a dear friend, we elevated the Key Lime Pie's presentation with an elegant new garnish, making this beloved classic even more special.

Rp 155,000 155000 IDR
Mocca Nougat - 10th Annsversary

Inspired by our owner's family favorite of a classic, Ann’s team took on the challenge of developing our own twist of the recipe—an airy sponge cake with mousse frosting, unlike any other Mocca Nougat on the market.

Rp 155,000 155000 IDR
Super Tiramisu - 10th Annsversary

From a story of a beloved member of Ann's family that has been a fan of Tiramisu but had issues with gluten. This inspired us to create the Super Tiramisu, a gluten-free delight topped with chocolate to enhance the rich coffee flavor.

Rp 200,000 200000 IDR
Cheese Mille Feuille - 10th Annsversary

Originally came from treasured recipe collection with a requested twist from our owner's aunt: to replace the traditional topping with cream cheese. The result was astonishingly delicious.

Rp 155,000 155000 IDR
Carrot Cake - 10th Annsversary

The inspiration behind this cake was the quest for the perfect Carrot Cake, something truly delicious that we couldn't find anywhere else. We revamped the recipe, giving it a fresh new look by enhancing the frosting and creating a raisin-free sponge.

Rp 165,000 165000 IDR
Sacher Torte - 10th Annsversary

A beloved classic, Sacher Torte is a cake with recipe that remains original with unique twist of traditional apricot jam, allowing the rich, deep flavor of dark chocolate to shine through.

Rp 215,000 215000 IDR
Tres Leches Red Berry - 10th Annsversary

The cake that made Ann’s what it is today, Tres Leches, started as a delightful surprise from our owner's friend. This beloved classic has been given a vibrant twist, transforming into Tres Leches Red Berry.

Rp 165,000 165000 IDR
Lunch Bag Ann's Merchandise

This is the ideal lunch bag for carrying your favorite 10th Anniversary Creations—even your daily meals! Made from canvas bag material with thermal insulation, it will surely keep your source of happiness intact.

Product Details: 

Dimensions: Height: 35 cm | Length: 22 cm | Width: 17 cm 

Material: Thick canvas fabric with thermal insulation to keep your food hot or cold.

Rp 260,000 260000 IDR